express [1] VERB 1) convey (a thought or feeling) in words or by gestures and conduct. 2) squeeze out (liquid or air).
DERIVATIVES expresser noun expressible adjective.
ORIGIN Old French expresser, from Latin pressare 'to press' .
express [2] ADJECTIVE 1) operating at high speed. 2) denoting a service in which deliveries are made by a special messenger.
ADVERB by express train or delivery service.
NOUN 1) (also express train) a train that stops at few stations and so travels quickly. 2) a special delivery service.
VERB send by express messenger or delivery.
ORIGIN extension of EXPRESS(Cf. ↑expressly).
express [3] ADJECTIVE 1) stated explicitly. 2) specifically identified to the exclusion of anything else.
DERIVATIVES expressly adverb.
ORIGIN Latin expressus 'distinctly presented' , from exprimere 'press out, express' .

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